Ensemble Video for SPS Faculty

On this page you’ll find information on Ensemble Video:

Overview of Ensemble Video Platform

CUNY SPS instructors have access to a robust video hosting platform called Ensemble Video. Its features parallel those found on YouTube but with several advantages to faculty in terms of streamlining, securing, and engaging students with video. Ensemble Video features:

  • No social media aspects (no advertisements, no ‘suggested video’ distractions)
  • Multi-language captioning and other accessibility services are connected directly to the SPS vendor, 3Play Media (see below for more information on captioning)
  • Video transcripts are interactive and searchable
  • Simple embedding in Blackboard (i.e., no coding)
  • In-video quizzing to check comprehension
  • Analytics regarding percentage of videos viewed by students
  • Collection of student video submissions and optional sharing through playlists
  • Automatic publishing of video playlists based on faculty/student activity

Get started with Ensemble Video

Uploading a Video File to Ensemble

To upload a video file you can follow this step guide: How to upload a new video

How to Upload to Ensemble

Embedding a Video into Blackboard

To embed your video in Blackboard you can follow this step guide: How to Embed an Ensemble Video using Mashups

How to Embed Ensemble to Blackboard

Getting a Direct Link to your Video

After you’ve uploaded your video to Ensemble, you can get a direct link to it.  First, log in to Ensemble and locate the video you wish to get a direct link.  Below the video, click on the “Permalink” button. A pop box will appear with the direct URL.  You can copy and paste this link as needed. Here is a screen image of the Permalink button:

Access the Permalink in Ensemble video library

Adding Captions

At SPS we strive to ensure our courses are accessible to all.  To that end we have secured a professional captioning service, 3Play Media, to caption all video content used in academic courses.  Through 3Play and Ensemble the addition of professionally captioned content is streamlined.

Request Captions Button

Do you need a video captioned?  Please complete this form to request captionsNo matter which platform you’re using, you may submit your video for professional captioning.

Note: If you have already captioned  your video on YouTube, you can download the captions file (make sure you select .vtt file format) and add it to the video file on Ensemble.

Follow up Questions

For more information please email us at facultysupport@sps.cuny.edu.